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"I really don't try to win races, I just don't

like it when someone is in front of me"

Johnny Mauro

For Hire: Track Day Coaching

Do you want to learn to Go FAST and not put your street car into the wall?

" I am 67 years old and never drove over 85mph. Johnny is GREAT,  137mph-Wow!" 

Porsche 911S                            Doug L.

" I've never had a coach talk to me like Johnny does.  His passion builds your confidence and you want to do better.  "

 LaFerrari                                  Michael W.

" Johnny doesn't talk at you, he talks to you.  He feels the car so much better and warned me when the tires got too hot and when the brakes were fading. "

Corvette ZR1                                         Lisa L.

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Thanks to the sponsors who helped us along the way

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